Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weird Word Wednesday - Zaftig



Today's weird word is ZAFTIG. It means "having a full rounded figure: pleasingly plump." 

Zaftig sounds WONDERFUL! It sounds hot and cool at the same time! 

If I heard "Hey, that chick is zaftig!" 

I would think "they are TOTALLY complimenting me!" 

If I heard "Hey, that chick is plump!" 

I would go over and punch them in the face. 

Just saying.


adj \ˈzäf-tig, ˈzf-\

Definition of ZAFTIG

of a woman
: having a full rounded figure : pleasingly plump

Variants of ZAFTIG

zaf·tig also zof·tig

Examples of ZAFTIG

  1. The actress playing the lead role was a zaftig blonde.

Origin of ZAFTIG

Yiddish zaftik juicy, succulent, from zaft juice, sap, from Middle High German saf, saft, from Old High German saf — more at sap
First Known Use: circa 1936

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