Wednesday, March 14, 2012

House-shopping Aggravation

My hubby and I have been planning to move for the last number of years.  We have outgrown our townhouse and are ready to make the step into a single-family home.  We now have our house on the market and we have been getting a lot of traffic which is a very positive sign.  Our realtor has suggested that we begin looking at homes to identify what and where we want to purchase. 

My husband has been looking at homes online obsessively for the last two years.  He likes to put in a price range that is $100,000 over what I think we can actually afford.  He gets aggravated with me because I don't get excited when he finds the "perfect" house for us.  Despite the fact that I have been very clear with him that these homes are out of our realm of reality, he keeps saying, we can knock the price down in negotiations.  He then gets angry with me about having a bad attitude. 

We have now talked with a mortgage broker who has confirmed what our actual price point is on a new house.  Surprise, surprise, it is right at the price I have been telling him to look at.  Unfortunately, after spending so much time looking at homes $100,000 over our price range, he says that all the homes in our price range are garbage and we should just stay right where we are.  When I consider how absurd it is that with the incredible number of homes up for sale, the current "buyers market", and how lucky we are to be in a position that we can take advantage of this situation, he is so completely unreasonable and out-of-touch. 

He told me that he's done looking for homes and that it's all up to me.  That sounds fine, until I show him the homes that I would like to go see and all he can do is tear them apart.  Maybe he's right, we should just stay right here so he can continue to complain for the next 30 years about how it's too small. Ugh!!!!!



  1. Thank you, Christina. It is likely that I will have an update post when that happens, because I will be so relieved I'll have to share it with everyone! =)