Thursday, March 31, 2011

Critiqued with Love

I have been married close to twelve years. It is surprising to me how I can be struck by how much he loves me in unconventional ways. An example of this: I was trying to find the right suit for an interview that was very important to me. I had been out shopping and returned home with a good possibility. (I quite despise shopping and actually buying something is unusual.) My confidence waned a bit as I put the suit on at home. It looked better in the store, yet I still went to show my hubby. He actually risked hurting my feelings by being honest that it did not look very good on me. I knew he was right and I was taken aback by an outpouring of love through an honest critique of my appearance. I certainly didn’t see that coming. I couldn’t even pretend to be hurt because I knew his words were lovingly meant. Go figure!


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