Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wrong Number, Get Over It!

Dear Paranoid Woman who called my house last night to yell at me,

Yes, it is true. My son called you. It was by accident. He misdialed my cell phone number. No matter how many times you accuse me of making the call, it is not going to change the fact that it wasn't me. I understand that our voices sound a lot alike and you could have thought it was a woman on the phone. Give my son a break, he is only 10 and does not sound like a baritone yet. Really, it was my son. He accidentally called you and quickly apologized when he realized that the person on the other end of the phone wasn't me. He was confused too as to how it could have happened. He even questioned me about it when he finally dialed the correct number and got ahold of me. From your tone, I can tell you don't believe me. That is annoying, but not my problem. Wrong numbers are dialed all of the time. There was no malicious intent. The fact that you are so sure I am lying, has caused me to come up with reasons why you are bothered so much by this one mis-dialed call.

You think I made the call, but this is what I think. You are paranoid. Most likely, you are worried that your live-in boyfriend/husband is cheating on you. You think that you caught one of his sloars (slut/hoar) trying to get ahold of him. This has made you insanely jealous at the thought, so much so. that you waited 3 hours before calling back my house to yell at me. You still didn't believe my explanation, so you decided to wait until 10:00 pm, when my entire family was asleep to call and hang up when I answered. Just to show me who owns your man, you called me again the next morning at 9:30 am to listen to me say “hello” so you could hang up again. Please, get over this wrong number, and get over your cheating man.

Mom of a Soprano



  1. Oh my gosh. I can't belive this happened to you. That's so annoying.

  2. Thank you,ChildTalk and Hines! Yes, I had to tell my kids not to answer the phone for a couple of days for fear of her calling and giving them attitude. It made me feel a little better to come up with a reason for it all! =)