Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Vent - Following Through On My To Do's

I am one of those people who make lists all the time to help prioritize my time and energy.  I always put the one thing that I know I need to accomplish at the top.  I tell myself that I will be content if only this one thing is completed.   I then follow up with other things that would make me happy to have done, but don't need to happen immediately.  Unfortunately, while cleaning out my closet this weekend I came across a list I created over 1 1/2 years ago (I tend to date the lists.  I'm weird that way).  Anyhow, this was a financial goals list.  Right at the top was  "start a college savings plan for each of my children" and "rollover my 401k from a previous job".   I have not done these.  The other goals were related to paying off a few items and adding to our savings.  Thankfully, those were completed.  But, I am struck by how I can put off something that is so crucially important to mine and my children's future.  All because I'm unsure of my next step.  I need to get this done for me and my boys and to provide some relief to my brain which nags me relentlessly.  So, here I am, putting out to my girlfriends that I will complete these two tasks by the end of the month.
Wish me luck! 


What's your challenge for yourself?  Share it here with your girlfriends!


  1. Yikes, that goal to do the college funds is on mine. I guess I need to get cracking...

  2. Heli - At least I'm in good company! =)