Friday, October 28, 2011

Bright Side Friday - Happy Families

My husband and I often lament over the fact that time goes too fast and that our boys are getting big so quickly.  I know this is universal.  We did realize that unless we were actually doing more outside the home that when we looked back on the years, we would see a bunch of wasted time.  We do tend to be home-bodies, but we are trying to change that. 

We have now made a few additions to our schedule:  our older son is now in Cub Scouts and the younger one is eager to join in 6 months when he'll be old enough, the boys are in weekly swim lessons, we have gone rock-climbing, and we have gone swimming on the weekends.  So far, we have been out of the house a lot more.  There are days/nights that we just want to stay home, but once we get out, we have been happy that we went.  It's the old adage of a body in motion stays in motion. 

I hope we are able to keep up the momentum as it gets colder and more challenging to leave the house after a long day.  I know the boys really enjoy it and we are spending a lot more family time together instead of in the house all doing our own thing. It's actually how I always envisioned my family would be.  I'm just so happy that we're making it happen!


Now it's your turn. What is your Bright Side? Have you had family resistance to leaving the house and then all being happy you did?


  1. I tend to want to hibernate during the winter, not get out more in the winter. Good luck with that!

    However, I forced myself out without the kids one night. I went to a 7 workout class which I thought was WAY too late, and I loved it. I came home a better mom as a result. That's my bright side :)

  2. Heli - When it's cold out AND dark out hibernating does sound like a great idea.

    Glad you made time for yourself and really enjoyed it. I sneak away to the gym when I can. It makes me a better mom too.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing!