Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Vent

Some of you may have noticed that I started a Friday post where people can share something positive to kick off their weekend. Well, not to be out done by Friday, Monday is going to start up a little competition. Monday is the day that most people dread. They are crabby because it is the start of the work week, their weekend felt too short and Monday gets all the blame. So Monday, would like to help you. Every Monday, we invite our readers to come to our blog and vent! Get it all out of your system and then go and enjoy the rest of Monday.

Here is mine: I am aggravated because I keep spending time on crap that I am interested in doing and the stuff that REALLY NEEDS to be done, I can't motivate myself for. To top it off, I stayed up until 2:00 am working on the crap and had to wake up by 6:00 am to get my kids moving for school. So now I am also exhausted. I am so annoyed with myself!

Now it's your turn!


p.s. This is a photo of my dog when he was a puppy. He looks like how I feel!


  1. Your dog is cute! I am venting because my husband's birthday is this weekend and we have always had an annual party for him. This will be the first year since the baby was born. I was pregnant for the last one and that didn't turn out very well either. This year he wants to send our baby to his mother's house for the evening, which will be the first time since he was born for him to stay somewhere else at night. I know that our little one will be fine in the hands of my husband's mother, especially since he will be sleeping the entire time, but I am not ready to be away from him yet. Does anyone have any advice?

  2. The first time away from your baby can be tough. Perhaps take a photo of him that day to look at when you need to "see" him and ask your MIL to update you through out the evening. Then try and enjoy yourself. As new moms we tend to lose our own identity and just become ______'s mom. Being a child's mom is wonderful, but so are you as you! Good luck!

  3. Here's my morning bitch fest:

    Hubs and I share 1 car and with his work schedule it makes it impossible for me to get out of the apartment on a regular basis. I'm tired, frustrated, angry, and depressed at not being able to get out of my home and make a contribution of my own to the household, especially since we're struggling so much financially. I just want to make our lives better and get out and be somewhat independent again but just can't.

    I swore I'd never become the dependent housewife who relies on her hubby's money and that's exactly what I've become. While I have an amazing husband who cares for me and loves me no matter what, I'm smart enough to know it is possible for the shizz to hit the fan and then I'm S.O.L. I don't/didn't want that for my life.

    I want to work as a team and bring home a second income for both of us and have my confidence back again. I take 2 steps forward and always end up 5 steps backward. I don't get it.

    *phew* Yea...I needed that. I try to avoid being negative and/or whiny publicly but having an open forum to do just that definitely helps. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Kim - So glad you came here and you got that off your chest! It doesn't change anything but your attitude, and sometimes, that's enough.
    Come back Friday and post something positive for our "Bright Side Friday". Sometimes, my bright side, is just that it's Friday! :)

  5. I ended up buying a a $9.99 letter D for our living room over the weekend and was so excited to paint it gold to match the apple red, chocolate brown, and gold hues in our house. I even had a special place for it next to the fireplace. I started painting it Saturday afternoon and left it outside to dry because I didn't want it stinking up the house!

    And guess what happened? It started raining! We weren't at home because we had dinner with my husbands grandparents. When we got home the D was ruined and I was so upset. Now I have to buy a new one! =(

    As for having your baby be away for the first time overnight enjoy it! The first time is always the hardest. Just check in with the MIL for updates and enjoy your time with your husband.

  6. Natasha - Stuff like that stinks! Thanks for coming here and venting.

    Thank you too for the advice for babypuree.

  7. Well, I could say that I hate laundry. I don't have a washing machine at home and I have to walk 3 blocks and spend two hours doing the laundry. Today, laundry day, my older kid is home sick so I was not able to get out and do it, so I keep telling myself that I am just making excuses so I don't have to go and feeling guilty about it, and at 3.30pm time is running out, I have to pick up my younger son from day care in a couple of hours and I still can't make up my mind whether I should go and wash the clothes or jump out of the window. And you may say, do it tomorrow! I know, but I really need to get it done today as we are running out of pretty much everything. And now you would probably say, so go and do it! I know too, but my kid is sleeping. Oh well, the story of my life! I just wanted to let you know that I hate laundry, especially today.

  8. Coachinu - Thanks for stopping by to vent! It is difficult to get anything done with kids around, sick or not. I hate that end of the day "crunch time" feeling. That's about the time I feel like it looks like I did nothing all day and run around like a maniac trying to feel like I did. I hope everyone feels better soon. If someone is short clothing tomorrow, just pull out the least dirty, hit it with a damp sponge and some Lysol, and send them on their way! Tomorrow will be better. :)

  9. I'm a little late, but I just had to get in on this group-vent! I'm tired of being sick. I think we're on our 8th cold of the year... and it's only May! I'm so tired nothing gets done during the week and then the weekend goes by in a flash. Ah... feels good to get that out. Now that it's almost Wednesday, time to buck up and get 'er done. Have a great week, J (and S)! :) Enjoying reading your blog (and I'm now following you).

  10. Thank you, Cookie's Mom, for coming here to vent. Who cares if it's not Monday anymore? When someone is sick, it's not fun for anyone. If our kids get it, odds are we get it next too! Hope the warmer weather helps to get everyone healthy. Thank you also, for the compliments and for following us! We will have a Bright Side on Fridays and a Monday Vent every week. Be sure to come back and "Bright Side" that everyone is healthy! =)

  11. Crossing my fingers that we are well on Friday. We'll have something to 'bright side' regardless. There's always lots to be thankful for! :)

  12. Cookie's Mom - "There's always lots to be thankful for!" So true.