Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Vent

It is time for the Monday Vent. Get it off of your chest and move on with Monday.

Here is mine: Even though I am an adult, it still REALLY bothers me that my younger brother (also an adult) is treated SO differently than I am. So much less is expected of him, and so much more is done for him. I hope that I never do that with my kids. It has been like this for most of my life and I have accepted it. But some days, it gets under my skin and I can't shake it. This is one of those days.

Now it's your turn!


p.s. I chose this photo to try and bring peace to my heart. I don't like feeling like this. I am thinking about all of the beauty around me.


  1. My Monday vent is when you are with a group of friends, and one of your friends insults you, but does it with a laugh and a smile, so you don't realize what just happened until later when you have had time to mull it over. Really hate that. :(

  2. I hate that too. I'm sure if you were in a nasty mood, you could have easily flung a couple of insults back at her. Sorry that happened to you. I had a "friend" do that to me too and I couldn't let it go. Next time I saw her, I waited for a natural time for it to work into the conversation and returned the favor. I think she got the point.

  3. It's a holiday here for everyone except me (my husband works American hours but we're in Canada). So it's another day at home with my kid (school is closed) being highly ineffectual in the writing sense. Really, if that's all I have to complain about... :) Oops. Sorry. Are happy faces allowed on Vent-Monday?

  4. My husband and I also deal with siblings that are underachievers being enabled by our parents. We have mentioned the idea that we should act pitiful too in order to get equal treatment. I am just thankful that we are responsible and smart enough to do things on our own without having to depend on our parents as we approach 30 years old.

  5. Cookie's Mom - Thank you for making me laugh. Happy faces ARE allowed on Vent-Monday. That is the whole point... to let it go and smile.

    babypuree - It is good to know that I am not alone, but sorry you have to deal with it too. I would not want my brother's life for one second, nor would I feel good about getting all of the hand-outs he does. It is just hard for me to understand sometimes.