Friday, May 27, 2011

Bright Side Friday!

Well, I'm laughing right now because I looked at the stats and MANY more people read and responded to the Monday Vent blog than the Bright Side Friday blog. Is it because people are being modest? OR is it just human nature to not truly appreciate the Bright Side of life and be too focused on the things you want to vent? I know that sometimes I feel like I have WAY more complaints than good, but that is exactly what this Bright Side Friday is for. To make us stop and really look at things, and acknowledge that Bright Side of our lives that we should be thankful for.

Here is mine: My parents have volunteered to take my kids to Disney World this summer.
(My husband and I are also invited as well as my brother, his wife and their kids. - Keep that in mind for my Monday Vent!) lol

Now it's your turn!


p.s. This is a photo of my kids the last time my parents took all of us to Disney.


  1. Will your parents adopt me?! The bright side...sunshine, Diet Dr Pepper, a quiet day at work (so far), semi-cooperative kids this morning and Diet Dr Pepper (yeah, it's important enough to repeat).

    I'm ready to take my kids to Disney. I went as a teenager, DH has never been. We've been putting it off until the kids were old enough to walk all day and not complain. We are considering a land/sea Disney cruise during Christmas break or possibly next summer.

  2. My Bright Side: I am 32ish hours away from an open bar, wedding cake and my favorite sparkly heels. Wedding season is here!!!

  3. Melanie - SO glad you have your Dr. Pepper, oh and also sunshine, a quiet day at work and semi-cooperative kids. lol

    I am truly grateful that my parents are offering. We couldn't afford the trip right now. Last time we went, we took umbrella strollers. It made getting around MUCH faster. They are big enough now to walk all day. Not so sure about the "not complaining" part though! Hope you get the chance. As cheesy as it sounds, it is a magical time for the kids.

  4. Leah H. - Woot! Have a GREAT time!

  5. I agree with your assessment. It pervades every part of life! Bad is more prevalent than good! I am guilty, as well, so I am not passing judgment. However, it is wonderful to stop sometimes and look at the bright side (even if you have to force yourself!)

    My bright side? Three beautiful little girls and a baby on the way. A husband who, in my estimation, is the most wonderful person I have ever known. My parents are still with us, I have a brother and sister with whom I couldn't be closer. I am alive and healthy and free.

    Even the darkest day has some light. Look for it.

    Happy Friday! :)

  6. MJ - Well said! Thank you for sharing all of your good news with us. "...Alive and healthy and free" truly a Bright Side worth mentioning!

  7. My bright side? I found a way to be a mom and in the end, I wouldn't want any other way. Adoption Rocks.

    Mommieorbust. :)

  8. Amy - I got chills reading your post! Adoption DOES ROCK! So happy for you and your children! Such a gift you have given them and they have given you! <3