Friday, September 30, 2011

Bright Side Friday! Opportunites and Hope


This week's Bright Side Friday has to do with opportunities. When things are looking bad, all I hope for is an opportunity to make things better. As everyone knows, the economy hasn't been that great lately. It has really impacted my business, which my husband and I both work at, and hence our family counts on income from.

Lately we have been noticing more and more new customers. When we ask how they found us, sometimes it's by accident - they were just passing by, and other times it's because one of our other clients recommended us. Now that's a feel good. It's not just that they HAVE to use us, there are competitors fairly close. They CHOOSE to come to us AND tell their friends to do the same! Awesome!

Having business pick up a little bit is a relief to us, but having the opportunity to gain clients is wonderful and renews our hope.

Just last night, a friend asked if I could design a logo for our local travel soccer team. I still need to get her a quote, and I'm not guaranteed the job yet, but it's another opportunity. It makes me happy that the opportunity was presented to me. If I get the job, will it make me rich? No. But it gives me hope that more opportunities will come our way.

What opportunities have come your way that were unexpected or made you feel good? Here is hope for you, that even more opportunities will come your way. Make the most of them.



  1. I think that blogging has been an unexpected joy and opportunity that gives me hope. I love to write and that people are actually enjoying my thoughts and I'm making a little bit of money (although I joke that it is still virtual money that I have not really seen yet) is really fun and exciting. As a social worker I deal with some pretty heavy stuff, my blog has given me a chance to laugh and reflect on my family.

  2. The Family that Laughs Together - Yes, the joke goes "Your wife could earn tens of dollars blogging." Glad that if nothing else, it has provided you with an avenue to laugh.