Friday, September 16, 2011

Bright Side Friday! Perspective

My Bright Side Friday has to do with perspective. It seems every Monday, it's SO easy for me to think of a Monday Vent. Friday's I tend to struggle to find my Bright Side. I guess it's probably true for most people, that they get overwhelmed with all of their own chaos, that they forget to appreciate all of their gifts.

Today is one of those days when I have been given the gift of perspective. I'm going to look past my chaos to appreciate my gifts. I just found out that a classmate, of one of my closest friend's kid, just died this week. He was playing The Choking Game. He was a good kid. He didn't mean to kill himself, but he did. PLEASE watch this (Also above) if you have never heard of it. Add it to your list when you have a conversation with your child about drugs and alcohol. I can't even imagine what that family is going through right now. In spite of that, they have posted on his obituary page, that Youtube link, in hopes of saving someone else's kid.

Which brings me to my Bright Side, if I can even call it that right now. Perspective. My kids are safe, healthy and alive. I know I should appreciate that daily, but it's news like this that makes me realize that I'm taking it for granted.

My niece lost her life at 13 months. That's is as close to the feeling of losing a child that I want to get. My husband's twin had severe medical problems since he was 9 years old and passed away at the age of 42. I pray that is as close as I'll ever be to having a child with medical issues. Just listen to the news, sadly, the list goes on.

Slow down and get a little perspective. Grab your kids, hug them tight, smother them in kisses even if they resist. Appreciate the moment. Smile and tell them that you love them. They already know it, but tell them again.

Sending you all a little perspective, love and hugs.



  1. You are so right. The problem I find is that when good things happen to me, I get so caught up in waiting for the "other shoe to drop." How can all these bad things happen to good people and I get so lucky? For me, it's a thin line between appreciation of your life and neurosis.

  2. good lord. I agree take in the moments because you just don't know. Even if you do everything right, one wrong decision and something like this happens. So sad, so sad for everyone involved.

    Perspective, I like that you found this word for your bright side, a good reminder.

  3. Heli - I'm right there with you. I also get caught up in the Yin-Yang thing. But when things are really bad, it gives me more hope that things will be getting better. =)

  4. The Family that Laughs Together - It is a case of kids making stupid decisions. My girlfriend and I were talking about the stupid decisions we made as teens. It was embarrassing to admit to them now, but at the time we didn't see that it was a bad decision. Even good and smart kids can do stupid things. Scary and sad.

    Yes, perspective. Have to keep reminding myself.