Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Vent

Photo Free Post!

Monday Vent is back! Funny how a holiday can mess up your schedule! I remembered in time for Friday, but FAR more people seem to want to vent than share happy news, so I figured I'd make it a whole week of missing posts. So today, finally got a chance to post, as I have had a migraine all morning, and NO that is NOT my vent.

Here is mine: My brother works for my dad (just them). My husband and I work together (just us). My dad has offered to take us all to Disney (which is of course VERY nice and generous). I have chosen to come back early so I can work while my brother has decided that he is going to stay 4 extra days. It is just another example of me working for every little thing and having a work ethic and my brother expecting what he gets plus more with no work ethic. The most frustrating part? My parents are enabling his behavior and expect MUCH more from me than him. I make ALL of my friends promise me, and now I'm asking you too, "If I EVER treat my kids SO differently OR enable one to be less self sufficient than he is capable of being, YELL AT ME!"

Now it's your turn!

p.s. I tried to post a photo but it locked up the site, so... I gave up!

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