Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bright Side Friday!

Friday is here! The weekend is upon us. I just got my son back from a 5 day trip he took to visit with a buddy (that moved away before they both turned 4). Those two get together and laugh it up as if they were never apart. It is amazing to both me and the other boy's mom. I'm glad to have him back home, and happy to know I raised such a sweet and confident boy. It was also nice to have some 1 on 1 time with my other son for a few days. I hope that both of my boys keep at least some of their kind ways into their teenage years.

So now for my bright side: It's days like these that make me reflect upon the job I have done so far, as a mother, and realize that perhaps I haven't screwed things up too badly, because I have 2 really great kids. =)

Now it's your turn. Share your Bright Side. I'd love to add to this positive energy!


p.s. This is a photo of them several years ago. In my heart, I always picture them this big. =)

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