Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Vent

It's Monday and officially summer for my kids. I want to sleep in along with them, but I have to get up, let the dogs out and get ready for work, my usual routine. Ahh... to be a kid again. Back when we thought things were so unfair at times. Wish I had the perspective back then that I do now. I think I would have enjoyed being a child even more. However, sometimes being a child is rough. I know that. Today my vent has to do with my son.

My vent: On Sunday we had some people over. They each brought 2 daughters with them. My one son left to go on a trip, so that left my other son in a sea of 4 girls. Perhaps, if they were different ages, he would have felt like he was in heaven. Unfortunately, they are all just the right age to be moody, and my son had a terrible time. He didn't fit in. I tried to make him try to fit in, which just made him more miserable. The girls were giggling and whispering and had their own things going on. My son, trying to be a good host, for me, was feeling tortured. We offered to have him invite a buddy over, but he said it would be embarrassing. By the end of the evening, after everyone had left, my son finally broke down and let me know how terrible of a time he had. I felt really bad not realizing how tortured he was feeling and proud that he stuck it out and was such a gracious host to a gaggle of moody and silly girls.

Your turn!


p.s. This is my son when he was waiting for his first airplane ride and was much less tortured by uncomfortable social situations.

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