Friday, August 26, 2011

Bright Side Friday - School's Back

Since I work in an elementary school, I am very lucky that I don't work over summer break.  I thoroughly enjoyed being with my two boys all summer long.  We had a great summer.  We spent alot of time outside when it wasn't too hot.  We had quite a few picnics.  We slept in a few times. They both learned to swim.  We participated in the library reading program.  We had a very full and satisfying summer.  Even though I enjoyed all the unstructured time, I am quite content to have the school year starting again.  The boys are excited about school and really enjoy going to the after-school program, which alleviates guilt for me since I can't pick them up right after school.  Their bedtime has moved up a little bit so that they are rested for school, which gives me some more time in the evenings to collect myself and get organized for the next day.  We're falling back into a comfortable pattern of purposeful activities.  I'm looking forward to hearing about all the new things they'll be learning and all the things we'll have to talk about.  Happy Friday of the first week of school!

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What is your Bright Side? Are you ready for school to start?

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  1. Although I agree it's nice to be back on schedule, I'm stuck in purgatory...ok I'm being dramatic but I'm stuck between camp and school where the rest of the world has embraced school but we aren't there yet (blogged about it today but opposite perspective). I think it's just forcing me to be creative. I guess the bright spot is that I'm being creative...and fun :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great summer and you have a great routine going. My girls are young yet so I am not into the whole school thing yet, but I will tell you its making a world of difference now that we have a routine going with naps and bedtime and I have them both enrolled in mommy and me classes. cheers to a great school year :) I am a former teacher turned stay at home mom.

  3. Well my son is still young, but he did just move up to Toddler 4 today at daycare. I looked around the room and thought, how can he be this big??? I had a moment for sure today. I have a feeling that Back to school will always be difficult for is a reminder that time is passing by, too quickly.

  4. The Family that Laughs Together - Time does pass by, far too quickly. Today I saw little guys playing soccer and I couldn't believe how little they were. Was it REALLY that long ago that mine were that age???