Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday - Fribble

Today's weird word is fribble. I came across it when my screen saver was active. Usually, I know the words that it shows, but not this one. I was excited to see it, because I knew it was a great Weird Word Wednesday word. Fribble doesn't even show up in my spell check dictionary. It doesn't recognize it as a word, but it is in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, so it's definitely a word. I like the word because it sounds like a silly made up word, and can be used in place of "goof around". As in, "don't fribble" instead of "don't goof around".  I plan on using it regularly!

Enjoy your new weird word, and please take some time to fribble now and then! =)



verb \ˈfri-bəl\

Definition of FRIBBLE

transitive verb: to trifle or fool away
intransitive verb
1: trifle
2obsolete : dodder

Examples of FRIBBLE

  1. <somehow, he managed to spend the whole morning fribbling instead of doing his assigned work>

Origin of FRIBBLE

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1633

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  1. Does "ooops I just fribbled" work? Or how about "go fribble yourself?" I'm just fribbling the day away? OOOOh this is fun!

  2. Heli - We like your examples! It IS a fun word to say, isn't it? =)