Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Vent - Hobbies

My husband goes through phases with various hobbies.  He generally cycles through the same ones.  His most recent phase has been an electric guitar.  I actually encouraged him with this hobby.  I knew, from a financial standpoint,  once he actually had the guitar and amplifier, the only additional expense would be various strings and cords, nothing really pricey (unlike his other hobbies).  He also needed a good, clean hobby.  I had forgotten that the last time he had a guitar, we did not have children and he had his own “hobby room” in which he could play to his heart’s content.  Now, however, his hobby room is a bedroom.  He has chosen our living room to be his studio.  Although he has headphones he likes to hear it in the open air.  I get that, but for how long do the rest of us need to be subjected to hearing him practice parts of songs?  Apparently, the answer to that question, in his book, is 6- 7 hours on a Saturday with time out for meals.  I was trying to be understanding because he had just gotten it and was very excited about it.  But the longer he continued, the more I began to fume because he was being completely selfish by playing so loudly and by monopolizing the main room in our house.  In addition to that, I was doing housework for most of the day which only added to my irritation.  I know that even though I enjoy playing my piano, I would never play for an entire day and completely ignore everything else going on in the house. 

One of the ironies of this situation is that he’s always telling me that I need a hobby.  I always respond that he and the boys are my hobby and that I don’t have time for anything else.  I also can’t think of a hobby that would make me feel okay about being completely self-absorbed for hours at a time.



  1. We used to have a "hobby room" for my husband too, but it has become our daughter's room! His electric guitar (and keyboard) now reside in our crawl space...aren't allowed in storage because he's attempting to work on this hobby despite not having touched the equipment in years!

    Always entertains me how men are allowed to have hobbies while my hobby becomes laundry (daily), cooking dinner (if making hamburger helper counts as cooking), and squeezing in a 30 minute jog to work off baby weight. Thank goodness for blogging :)