Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday - otiose

While pondering my frustrations with a male relative, I came across this wonderful word that is appropriate to describe him.

otiose - adjective
1.  producing no useful result: futile
2. being at leisure: idle
3. lacking use or effect:  functionless

"While listening to my sister I become angered by her husband's otiose lifestyle  which forces her to be the only adult in the household."

I am sure each of us knows an otiose person.  Now we can say it to their faces without them understanding!


adj \ˈō-shē-ˌōs, ˈō-tē-\

Definition of OTIOSE

1: producing no useful result : futile
2: being at leisure : idle
3: lacking use or effect : functionless
oti·ose·ly adverb
oti·ose·ness noun
oti·os·i·ty noun

Examples of OTIOSE

  1. <since you haven't read the book, I suppose that it would be otiose to inquire what you thought of it>

Origin of OTIOSE

Latin otiosus, from otium leisure
First Known Use: 1794

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