Friday, July 22, 2011

Bright-Side Thursday Night

My bright side Friday occurred on Thursday night.  I was watching a show on TV in my bedroom.  There were only a few minutes left and one of my boys climbed up on the bed.  I told him he could sit with me only if he didn’t talk so I could hear the end of the show.  It was just before bedtime for the boys.  Moments later, my other son climbed up, and then my husband joined us.  It turned into a tickling, giggling, hugging, kissing time. It was great.  The thought crossed my mind that this is one of those moments that I will look back on again and again as long as I live.  Having my family all together, healthy, happy, laughing, and just enjoying being together is an amazing blessing and a wonderful memory to carry with me.
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  1. I can picture it now. Those are truly wonderful moments.


  2. Those moments are great, and are unexpected.

    I've got a link up on August 1 for meal, tips, stories, organization...anything you want to share. I want to learn to use a linky button and with school starting soon, I thought it would be good to have some ideas for new recipes or thoughts to make life easier in the kitchen when school starts.

    I hope you join me.

  3. There is nothing like that, I love it!
    I also enjoy so much to read to your posts that I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out @

  4. Hines-Sight - We will check it out!

    Essential Mama Baby - Thank you for the great compliment and including us in the Versatile Blogger Award!