Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Vent - Snarky Friends

It's Monday, and right now, I'm laughing because on Friday, my Bright Spot was about how great my friends are. Now it's Monday, and my vent is about how snarky my friends are. OK, so admittedly, MOST of my friends are great MOST of the time. However, every now and then the snarky side sneaks out. I honestly don't have time for snarky friends. Rather, I don't have time for my friends when they are snarky. I usually set them straight and move on, or give them an eye roll and walk away. I can count on an apology within 24 hours. Which, unless they were down right mean, is OK with me.  What really annoys me is the drama. I don't DO drama. Like me or hate me. Pick one.

Now it's your turn. Vent, scream, get it off of your chest, and move on!


p.s. This is a photo from the 4th of July fireworks. We set up blankets way ahead of time to mark our space. Notice how ugly this one is? No one else would dare claim it! This is a photo of my niece enjoying the fireworks with me and my friends (snarky and otherwise).


  1. One of my "best" friends came up to me (several drinks in) at a party to tell me she missed me. We don't see each other as often as we would like. She then proceeded to tell me how cute my daughter is and how happy she is for me (I'm expecting again). Then she suddenly became teary eyed and said she felt like she was losing me! Excuse me, but I have tried to make plans with you many times, but your busy schedule never allows. I know we live quite a ways from each other, but how about meeting half way? No, I cannot always come to your place. And why do YOU feel like YOU are losing me when YOU stopped inviting me to things because I have a kid and you don't? I still like to go out and have fun! I hate the assumption that I won't be able to do something (although it is difficult). I still would like to feel included among my "best" friends. There. Moving on... :-)

    Bethany @

  2. Bethany - Been there too. Yay for moving on! =)