Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday - Aglet

My weird word for today is Aglet. If you are between the ages of 5 and 11 and watch a certain popular American cartoon, you already know what it is. In fact, it was my sons, who roughly fall into that age category, that told me what it meant. I can't say that they have never come home and told me something fascinating that they learned at school only for me to reply with "I didn't know that." But this time, I looked at them suspiciously, like they were trying to trick me into believing the information. It happened as we were trying to get ready to leave the house. As they both sat down to put on their gym shoes, they simultaneously asked me the question. "Mom, do you know what this is called?" pointing to the hard plastic ends of their laces. I'm not sure if I EVER wondered what it was called, or even thought it might have a name. The grins on my sons' faces threw me. I thought, this is where they make some funny joke at Mom's expense. So, being the good sport that I am, responded and waited for the punch line. "Aglet" was all they said. I think I responded with something like "Really? How do you know that?" Then they went on to tell me about the show and even sang a song about it. It's quite catchy, I can hear it now "A - G - L - E - T, don't forget it". So now, YOU TOO know what most kids already know. The hard plastic end of your shoelace, is called an AGLET.



noun \ˈa-glət\
1: the plain or ornamental tag covering the ends of a lace or point
2: any of various ornamental studs, cords, or pins worn on clothing 

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