Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday - tittle

"I have been having pain in my hand while writing and tittles are actually causing me the most discomfort."
"My son prefers to make his tittles a circle instead of a dot".

Who knew?  The word for the dot above a lowercase “i” or “j” is called a tittle. It can also be used to mean a small piece of something, for example, "we could not find a tittle of common sense in her entire rant". 


noun \ˈti-təl\

Definition of TITTLE

1: a point or small sign used as a diacritical mark in writing or printing
2: a very small part


  1. I love weird word wednesday! thanks! learning and blogging! excellent combo!

  2. Thank you, ithappenseveryday! Glad you like it. It's nice to get a compliment too.